Sustainable purifying of natural water bodies and waste waters


Nano-bubbles natural and sustainable water aeration method

prevents algae blooming in natural water bodies and helps reduce sediment at the waterbed.

In natural water bodies, polluted by industry, agriculture and other polluters, these ultra-fine bubbles help restore eco-balance. They greatly improve the dissolved oxygen concentration at any depth and enable more efficient aerobic bacterial processing.


Wastewater, urban or industrial,

can contain storm water, industrial pollutants, domestic waste and chemicals, and resulting residue, called biosolids.
Treatment of any kind of wastewater is usually biologically, chemically and physically a demanding process – if performed improperly, it can cause additional contaminant build-up.
The bacteria in urban wastewater also depends on sufficient oxygenation to be able to break down organic and inorganic pollutants in the wastewater, which can cause bad odor and other problems.

Waboost plug-in solutions for boosting wastewater with oxygen or other gasses remove pollutants by way of flotating and deodorizing, managing oxygen levels and aeration.

The bubbling method

is the only method which ensures the ultra-fine bubbles are deployed in the sediment, where the oxygen boosts the aerobic treatment process in a completely natural way (depending on the conditions and the type of sediment).

The treatment is completely natural and very energy efficient.

That is how we can contribute to saving the planet.


Prevention of pollution and health hazard

Water cleaning without added chemical or biological agents

Natural pH stabilization and COD reduction***

Generate buoyant force to boost flotation

Deodorize by increasing dissolved oxygen levels

Provide cost-efficient and high-quality aeration method

Waboost solutions are always tailor-made to enable maximum benefits and optimized processing at your enterprise.
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