Animal drinking water disinfection, enrichment and stabilization

The Waboost natural water purifying and treatment solution

can be implemented at the point of animal drinking water provisioning systems to ensure:

  • quick animal health and appetite improvement,
  • higher food to weight conversion,
  • enhance overall farm hygiene, animal wellbeing and product quality, and
  • boost overall farm business performance.

With the same technology, at the other end of the system you can speed-up and improve the animal wastewater treatment to provide slurry, the optimal natural crop fertilizer.

Lower the operating cost of your farm, increase profitability, and drastically shorten the time to return the investment.

Easy pipeline biofilm prevention and removal

Farmers often fight bio-film, bacteria, fungi, viruses, ammonia, heavy metals and other pollutants when raising cattle, pigs, poultry, fish or shrimp. This usually involves hazardous chemical solutions (peroxide or chlorine), and medications.

Rapid animal wastewater treatment

With the nanobubble technology farmers can fight bacteria and pollutants contained in unprocessed animal wastewater in a way not possible until now. This way the wastewater is not hazardous to the environment, animals and humans, and overall operating cost is reduced due to lower cost of chemicals and medication.

Improve health!

You can lower the amount of dangerous biofilm in your pipes drastically and improve the health and lower mortality of your animals by disinfecting animal drinking water in a totally natural way*.

Naturally & efficient

The Waboost solutions enable you to fight these problems with high efficiency and completely naturally*. You can lower your business operating cost and increase profit.

Remote control and monitoring

Manage, control and monitor the Waboost solutions performance remotely online. This provides you with the peace of mind even when you are not present at the facilities. And it helps you lower operating cost.


Increased livestock growth by up to 15%

Reduce chemicals and medication use

Lower livestock mortality by up to 60%

Optimize and reuse animal wastewater for crop watering

Disinfect animal drinking water pipes in a natural way without thermal processing and adding chemicals

Remove biofilm, algae, bacteria, rust and other pollutants in the animal drinking water pipes

Prevent and reduce scaling problems in pipes and animal drinking stations (lower cleaning costs)

Regulate and improve wastewater self-treatment by boosting oxygen levels

Waboost solutions are always tailor-made to enable maximum benefits and optimized processing at your enterprise.
Free initial advisory available – just take the time and let us know, what your goals are!