Boosted nutrient uptake for accelerated plant growth

Waboost solutions maximize Oxygen levels in irrigation water

as close to the roots of the plants as possible and enable them to grow faster and stronger. Effective oxygen delivery is provided to naturally enhance plant growth by feeding the biota-forming bacteria that support the plant growth. This helps develop better crop performance.

Optimized nutrient delivery

Plants are extremely susceptible to the quality of water provided, and they need optimal oxygen and nutrient supply – straight to the root, if possible. The quality and speed of growth depends on it.

Quick results

The solutions are easy and simple to implement, and results can be demonstrated in a very short amount of time.

We can implement Waboost solutions in farming fields, greenhouses, and at sports facilities

Sports turf and Park meadows

management improves the health and bio-chemical safety of recreational or professional green surfaces and lowers costs.

Greenhouses, hydroponics and crop farms

optimize plant growth and production cycle by delivering high amounts of dissolved oxygen (from 6 mg/L DO up) directly to the plant roots.

You can remotely manage, control and monitor the system performance online to fine-tune your crop growth cycle.


Improved root development, nutrient intake & plant growth

Oxygen transported and provided as close to the roots of plants as possible**

Reduction or discontinuation of fertilizers and pesticides usage

A natural way of boosting your crop yield*

Waboost solutions are always tailor-made to enable maximum benefits and optimized processing at your enterprise.
Free initial advisory available – just take the time and let us know, what your goals are!