NANOBUBBLES = ultra-fine bubbles

They make all this possible!

Nanobubbles are extremely small bubbles with a diameter of 100 nanometers or less

and with very high internal gas pressure. Their size enables them to provide more than 800 times the interfacial surface area compared to macrobubbles.

These ultra-fine bubbles are extremely stable, and they can persist in water even up to several months.

Because of their unique properties they provide water cleansing and property boosting functionalities. A liquid, aerated with nanobubbles, will not become dull as quickly as if larger sized bubbles are used. Ultra Fine Bubbles have much lesser buoyancy in the liquid, and they can disperse in the body of water better. This physical principle is called the Brownian motion.

Waboost d.o.o.

Waboost provides solutions to use nanobubbles (ultra-fine bubbles) for disinfection and nutrient boosting, and to stabilize animal drinking, waste and open water systems.