Clean water for healthy food chains and environment

Waboost is a water enhancing and treatment solution provider.

A combination of state-of-the-art ultra-fine bubble solutions, consultancy and management services makes enterprises more efficient and environmentally friendly.

The solutions are optimized for farmers, sports facilities, wastewater treatment providers and food production industry.

Provide healthy water

by purifying and boosting it with ultrafine bubbles. The process is completely natural*.

The solution is fully automated. You can manage, control and monitor the performance remotely online. No need to visit facilities lets you lower your operating cost.

Disinfect. Stabilize. Enrich. Monitor. Waboost!

The heart of our solutions is the Waboost plug-in system. It treats and enhances animal drinking water, boosts irrigation performance, and treats wastewater.

The boosted water will drastically reduce infections, accelerate growth, and stabilize water systems.

Where can you benefit the most from Waboost solutions?